An excerpt from the book titled:

Entering Into the World of Escapism and Exiting Back to Reality

Entering Into the World of Escapism and Exiting Back to Reality

Strip Tease

He scrutinized them all

She had to be perfect

The one he will choose

From these bevy of beauties.

His choice?

Good structure

Strong build

Solid from head to toe

Not old, soft, and mushy

Skin, natural glow

Sun glow but not sun burnt

Blonde but no freckles

Tall, slender, curvy

Coca Cola bottle shapely

Perky, perky not puney, puney

Young, chipper, stripper.


Then, he spotted her

The one in skimpy yellow

Chose her

Took her home

Stroked her

He pulled her up to his face

Turned her around

Last inspection

Before he devoured her

He started with her top


He pulled tautly

He liked what he saw

Firm body

Just like he wanted it

Good choice

Now for the proof

The taste of his pudding

Was in the eating

Will she live up to the test?

The rigorous exam

The high price he paid

For her and none other

Just her

His lips touched her

Her voluptuous body

He was lost

His head blew off

He put it back on

He wanted more

Before he exploded

He aimed

For her lower extremities

His critical eye undressing

Looking, watching

Secretly, wanting

To find a blemish, a tarnish

So he can discard her

Hurt her, toss her

Like cheap trash

But she delivered

She was pristine

She was proud

Happy to see

That she did not disappoint

Her family, her generation, her lineage

As he continued to taste, to nibble, to bite

He loved it

She was now free

Of all encumbrances

He removed it all

She stood in front of him

Naked, out of her yellow tight skinned


Who needs them?

He wanted her raw

In the flesh

Not tummy-tucked and lipo-sucked

Natural, real, McCoy

Meaty, delicious, sweet

He wanted her now

He was ready

But he was lying

He wanted to wait

To taunt

To feel

To touch

To exert his manly prowess

Over her

But he knew

It was now or never

He could wait

But lose her

To the aging process

He didn’t want her

Old, soft, tired, and mushy

He had her

In his arms

She was his

Ripe, sturdy, spunky

Ready for the taking

To hold, to eat, to devour now

His healthy banana

The one he bought at the store

Would keep him happy, snappy, and stealthy.

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