Women Online Works


Wow’s mission is to become a recognized online art retailer in art forms of varying styles, disciplines and artistic media that is created by talented women artists. Our purpose is to provide a marketplace for women artists and the art audience that is unparalleled in its delivery of superior customer service. Women Online Works, Inc. (Wow) is a flagship company that sells vibrant, handmade women’s artwork online. Our operations are unique and exclusive in that it contracts with women artists over the entire globe to sell their paintings.

Wow’s plan is to sign the most talented women artists around the globe by attending art exhibitions, art schools, art galleries and museums across the globe to discover talented women artists. We want our customers to be aware that women artists the world over have been disenfranchised throughout the centuries and deserve recognition in the twenty-first century. We at Wow! endeavor to bring women artists to and keep them on the world stage.

Quote: “Sometimes I see it and I paint it. Other times I paint it and then I see it”…Jasper Johns

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