New Yorker Shirt Factory

New Yorker Shirt Factory is play depicting the life of stalwart factory worker, Louise, along with her colleagues and family. It traces how she struggled to support her three children on meager factory wages. It is divided in three acts – the early years, the middle years, and final years from bringing her oldest daughter at 10 years old to follow her footsteps and learn the trade of pressing shirts and making shirt boxes to her being accused of stealing potatoes, and how her pressing machine attacked her with the help of an apprentice thus rendering her permanently disabled for life.

Wow’s plan is to sign the most talented women artists around the globe by attending art exhibitions, art schools, art galleries and museums across the globe to discover talented women artists. We want our customers to be aware that women artists the world over have been disenfranchised throughout the centuries and deserve recognition in the twenty-first century. We at Wow! endeavor to bring women artists to and keep them on the world stage.

Quote: “Sometimes I see it and I paint it. Other times I paint it and then I see it”…Jasper Johns

Miss Perry – Star/presser/humorist
Mr. Lal – owner
Mr. Ambrose – Manager
Mr. Heffess - Manager
Miss Palmer – Supervisor
Mr. Grey – Salesman/my suiter – mom asked this short assed boy to wait for me when I was only 8-10
Miss Dorothy – Worker
Souter – Mechanic with duck foot
Mr. Frater – Manager
Mr. Smith - userer???
Bal – Mr. Lal’s son
Mr. Defreitas – Office manager?
Jean – factory worker
Miss Myrtle – Worker
Miss Smith -
Miss Graham – cook
Aunt Jess – restaurant owner on Waltham Park Road
Mr. Martin – Usurer/loan shark, Grounds man - potato suspension Story John Holt
Moved to Newport West – apprentice/machine injury – burnt 8 fingers
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