Long Shot: A Musical Play based on Song Written by the Pioneers Reggae Group

A Musical Play based on Songs Written by the Pioneers Reggae Group

This story depicts the success story of life and works of Pioneers Reggae Group from the struggle for recognition in 1960s to their travel to the UK in search of and achieving fame and fortune. The Pioneers, Sydney Crooks, Jackie Robinson, and George Agard are now recognized as foundation artists who lead the way in establishing Jamaica’s Reggae Music in Europe and around the globe and as one of Jamaica’s leading singing groups. Their songs, including Long Shot Kick De Bucket have been covered by Madness and the Specials and made the British charts.

Come out and get a taste of Jamaica – both musically and gastronomically- Jamaican dishes will be served including Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork with Festival and Bammy.

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